No hot water can be a really bad experience, and having it on demand is something we take for granted. When these problems occur, you want to know how you can get your hot water back.
There are some common issues that can be fixed regardless of which water heater you have. We’ve made a few checklists that may be applied for minor issues for electric water heaters, gas water heaters and common problems for any type whether tankless or not. Hot wat


Electric water heaters

A water heater with issues can increase energy consumption and thus make the electricity bills higher than usual. 

Incorrect settings of thermostat

The role of a thermostat is to regular/control the water temperature and signal to the heating element when to heat up. You can compare the water temperature with the quantification on the gauge.  


See the circuit breaker 

When dealing with an electric water heater and you’re experiencing hot water problems, one of the first things to check is your circuit breaker. Usually a circuit breaker flips, but if it’s a tripped circuit it means the current is disrupted. To mitigate the issue, try to flip the breaker off, then on again. Next you wait for the water to heat back up. 


Reset water heater 

If you notice the circuit breaker is tripped frequently, then your electric water heater’s reset function or the threshold for high temperature cutoff may be affected. Here are a few steps you can follow that may solve the issue:


  1. First is remove any risk involved, which is to flip the water heater breaker to off position. 
  2. Without getting your fingers on any wiring, remove the panel on the upper part of the water heater 
  3. Press the red reset button 

This can be performed by a licensed plumber, one of our licensed plumbers can help with this in any case.  

Gas water heaters

Potential gas leaks 

When it comes to a gas water heater it’s important to check if your gas is on. However if your gas is on, and there is a smell of a gas leak, then turn off the gas valve immediately. The smell is distinct, and can have the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. Another sign is the sound near that is hissing close to the gas supply line or water heater.
Remember, gas leaks should be reported and in this case call your local gas plumber at Water Heater Fixteam. 


Pilot light is out

The role of the pilot light is to ignite the gas which raises the temperature of the heater’s water. If it’s not turned on, look for the instructions for your hot water water heater model to ensure you’re relighting it in a safe manner. In the case it’s not relight, there may be an issue with the thermocouple. The thermocouple monitors the gas flow in gas water heaters. 


Common Issues 

Low water pressure

If you’re experiencing a lower water pressure than usual in your home it means both the cold and hot water will flow unwillingly. The main water shutoff valve should be fully open in this case. But be aware, a low water heater pressure may indicate there is a leak. 

Water Leaks

In some instances when the hot water is broken it can be because of water leak. Investigate the area of the leak and try to fix it as fast as possible. Common areas where leaks are found are at the pipework joints, or the tank itself which may lead to a tank replacement. In that case, it’s better to call a licensed plumber to get further assistance.  

Other people using hot water in household 

A usual water heater can usually hold ca. 40 gallons of water. Once the hot water is emptied from the tank it may be time to heat more water. A larger household with a big usage of hot water simultaneously, that your tank is distributing the current supply of hot water, and is refilling it with cold water.  

In this case; wait a bit longer and see if you can get some hot water. However if you’re running out often, then perhaps your tank may not have the adequate size for your home.  

Continued Problems and Professionals  

If you have given a try on all the above and still have not solved the problem, then perhaps there is a bigger problem that is difficult to spot. It may be related to heating elements, hidden leaks etc. In these cases, it’s time to call a licensed plumber near your home at Water Heater Fixteam to find the root of the problem and fix it. 

Or if you want to stay safe and don’t want to risk doing it yourself, then call a licensed plumber from the beginning at Water Heater Fixteam for a free consultation. We offer priority service to get your hot water working once again.   


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